White After Labor Day

We still clean white garments after Labor Day! And it’s ok, we won’t judge you…. #whiteafterlaborday #luckystarcleaners @CleanersLucky

A Cleaner Cleaners

Clean clothes start with clean water.  The pic above shows our water management system.  Before water ever touches your garment, it’s filtered and purified several times.  In fact the water we clean your clothes in is cleaner than most peoples’ drinking water.  How’s that for clean?  #cleanercleaners @cleanerslucky

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Saving The Beauty Pageant.

This unlucky contestant tripped and fell at rehearsal the night before her beauty pageant, getting blood stains on the front of her gown. Luckily, Lucky Star Cleaners’ expert spotters were able to remove the stains and return the gown to new just in time for the pageant.  #stainremoval @cleanerslucky

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