4 Ways to Get FREE Cleaning

At Lucky Star Cleaners, we like to keep our customers happy! FREE Cleaning seems to do the trick!  Check out 4 ways you can receive FREE Cleaning!  (Actually we’ve add a few more than 4)

1.  Our $5 Broken Button Guarantee – Having a shirt come back from the cleaners with a broken button is so frustrating! So here’s what we’ve done: you’ll get $5 dollars cash for any buttons we miss that are broken.  Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t set up this policy so that we could give away five-dollar bills–we set it up so that we would meticulously check your buttons to find the broken ones so we don’t lose the five bucks.

2.  $10 for taking part in our Customer Referral Program – The cost of acquiring new clients is very high! We have decided to direct our advertising dollars to a deserving recipient – YOU! All we ask is that you let your family, friends, neighbors and business associates know about our great service. Here’s how it works…

  • Click here for a printable referral card to give to folks you think would appreciate our services.
  • Write your name on it and have your friend bring one in with their first order.
  • For each new referral we receive, we will credit your account with $10 of FREE Dry Cleaning!
  • I will also give the person you referred $10 worth of Free Dry Cleaning, just for giving us a try.

3.  Sign Up for FREE Pickup and Delivery
Receive $10 off your dry cleaning order by clicking here to learn more!

4.  Sign Up for Lucky Star’s Cleaner Club – You will thank your lucky star you found us!  Here’s how it works….

  • Earn points for your dry cleaning
  • We keep track of your points
  • For every 200 points you earn, receive $5 of FREE dry cleaning
  • Receive other gifts for being a loyal Lucky Star Customer
  • Click here to sign up!

5.  ‘Check In’ to Lucky Star Cleaners on facebook from your smart phone-
Once you check in 5 times you’ll get a certificate for free cleaning on your phone.  Show this to one of our counter staff and that’s it!  Get more details on our facebook page.

6.  Give us your testimonial-
Whether we’ve been your trusted cleaner for more than 25 years, got that stain out of your favorite shirt, or did a last minute alteration to save your wedding day. . . we want to hear your story.  And for doing that, we’ll give you $5 FREE Cleaning.  We’ll also share it with everyone on our testimonial page.