“I have just recently starting going to Lucky Star Cleaners and love the friendly and speedy service that I get. I also love taking advantage of your specials (like the buy one get one) that is offered. I will continue to be a valued customer.”
-Donna Oswlt

“Words cannot express my gratitude for the wonderful customer service I have received from your business. Meeting me at my neighborhood entrance before business hours to ensure that I would have my coats for my trip is something that I don’t believe any other cleaning business would have done for me. You have definitely earned my loyalty!”
-Christan Wood

“I would like to let you know that I am very satisfied with your sevice. We have been using you guys for a while. Everytime there is a stain it seems magically removed. I want to mention that I sent a pair of Riattas’ in with the belt loop completely torn. You did it again and repaired it. You actually saved me $38.00 + Tax for a new pair. Again THANK YOU and to all the people that are associated with your company.” 
-Richard Martinez

“Lucky Star’s service has been very good & we’ve really enjoyed the home pickup & delivery service!”
-Donna Pustejovsky

“Try Josh’s Pickup Service! It is convenient, consistent, and reliable! And, it fits right in to your busy schedule!”
-Jennifer Williams

“The Service is Great! I love being able to come home after work and my dry cleaning is waiting for me!”
-Leah Mulligan

“The Lucky Star team does the best job ever!”
-Maria McIver

“Lucky Star’s dry cleaning service is personal, dependable and convenient!”
-Michele Ray

“Jason and I love having our dry cleaning delivered free of charge! We think you will too!”
-Tracie Simental

“It is great to get your e-mails when my cleaning is ready. The two girls in Trinity, know me by name and have my cleaning ready when I get in the door!!!  Great service. Keep up the great work!”
-Sharon Melton

“I have used Lucky Star cleaners a few times since moving to Huntsville. The level of professionalism and care they provide cannot be found anywhere else in town. I trust them with any clothes I need to have dry cleaned. They are quick and on time. Thanks Lucky Star Cleaners!”
-Corey Lazar

“The quality, and perfection that your service gives me is great. I have dealt with many dry cleaners, but by far your employees put the icing on the cake. They treat you like you are really special.  Also, the care you give with the customers garments is second to none. Jeans and slacks are perfect, shirts and jackets I get so many compliments on. I truly am a satisfied customer. Thanks Again.”
-Richard & Bobbie Teal

“I’ve used other dry cleaners in the Huntsville area but after switching to Lucky Star Cleaner’s the service, quality and consistency are miles away from the competitors, I’d never think of going anywhere else for my dry cleaning needs!”
-Paul Kopecky, M.A.

“LuckyStar cleaners is customer friendly, professional, and has competitive pricing.  The drive-thru service is the best!”
-Karen Richards

“I continue to be impressed with the professionalism of Lucky Star Cleaners – formerly Comet.  I’m still trying to get used to the new name.  Employees are very polite and willing to help and my dry cleaning is processed correctly and always on time.  I highly recommend you give them a try!  Keep up the good work, Josh.”
-Linda Bowers

“I’ve been a customer since I moved to Huntsville 4 plus years ago.  Their service is great, the quality excellent and they provide a very personal  connection with the customer.  I love Josh’s updates on problem clothes to dry clean.  Very Helpful!”
-Claire Donovan

“I have been a customer for at least 15 years.  When I found out that the Mooney family owned this business, I started using them and I have never been disappointed.  Josh is a man of integrity and the customer service provided by Lucky Star Cleaners  is the best.  Check them out and I’m sure you will agree!”
-Martha Blume

“The customer service and attention to detail is top notch at Lucky Star Cleaners.  They really care about their customers and continually add new ways to better serve their clients.  Trust your laundry needs to Lucky Star Cleaners, the family owned business that cares about your family.”
-Carol Shaw

“I don’t use the dry cleaners a lot – maybe only 15 orders a year, and I have only been your customer for about 1 ½ years. However, when I take my clothes, I want it done right and with people I can trust. So, I’m going to keep my business with only Lucky Star.”
-Lorri Vickers Stewart  

“Thank you for staying late for me the other day.  I appreciate it so much.  You were a life saver to me.”
-Shannon O.

“We have been customers with Jimmy, then Josh for over 10 years.  We have never thought of going anywhere else.  They are so consistant and will do their very best for each customer. If there ever is a problem, they will do their very best to resolve it.  Each time we drive through, we always say, We’ll be back!  We are also very proud that a young man from Huntsville decided to stay here and take care of his community.  Thanks, Josh.”
-Stephen and Judy Hope

“I have been a customer for 12 years and have always received excellent customer service and quality dry cleaning.”
-Carol Sullivan

“It is great to see a local boy like Josh take his parents good business and make it an even better business.   Huntsville’s future depends on young men like Josh to keep “the ball rolling” and keep Huntsville the great community that it has been.   My wife and I have been customers for many years and, Comet/Lucky Star Cleaners have never disappointed us.”
-Johnny Amick

“Lucky Star Cleaners is very Consistent.  I have  been a customer for 10 years now and I wouldn’t change for anything.”
-Dusky Hall

“I have been a customer of Lucky Star Cleaners for three years.I appreciate the personnel who have become familiar with me and treat me with respect. They remember my name and most of the time have my cleaning at the desk when I walk through the front door. I have never had a complaint about the way my clothes look.I would recommend Lucky Star Cleaners to anyone who needs a professional cleaners.”
-Janice Smith

“Josh,  There are several things I like about your service, but what I like most is the security I feel in trusting my most precious items to your care knowing that you guarantee your work.  I have given you band uniforms, oriental rugs, Indian rugs as well as routine dry cleaning.  I recommend your dry cleaning service to everyone.”
-Tamara Chasteen

“We’ve been using Lucky Star Cleaners for years and have remained loyal customers because of the excellent service we have always received. On the rare occasion that something is not right, it is cheerfully and promptly corrected. We have always enjoyed our interactions with the friendly staff and look forward to continuing our relationship with them in the future.”
-Mary Ellen and Jim Sims

“We have been customers of Comet/ Lucky Star Cleaners since 1987.  The service has always been first class.”
-Gary and Janie Joyce

“The service at lucky star is great! Whether it be tailoring or dry cleaning they get 5 stars! Ive been using then for a few months and refer friends!”
-Chris Johnson

“Lucky Star Cleaners for at least 15 years has had excellent quality, timeliness, and customer service”
-Jason McCaffety

“Lucky Star Cleaners’ tagging system shows a level of dedication to customers that surpasses any cleaners out there!”
-Allen M. Burns

“I have been a loyal customer for at least 10 years.  I really like the e-mail/text messages telling me my clothes are ready for pick-up.  Good Job!”
-Jim Ward

“I have been using Lucky Star (Comet Cleaners) for the past 15 years and I would not go anywhere else in town.  When you pick up your clothes, you know they will be done to perfection.  Mr. Mooney and Josh always greet you with a smile and always remember you by name which always makes you feel like you’re not just another person but a valued customer.  I highly recommend Lucky Star Cleaners.”
-Chris Wall

“Lucky Star’s pick-up and drop off service can’t be beat!  It’s so convenient and the price is right!”
Jennifer W.

“I am very impressed with the quality of service I received at Lucky Star Cleaners.  They beat the other guys hands down.”
-Tara Alexander

“Josh’s service is soooooo great and convenient!  I am a new customer but I plan to be a long term one.”
-Margaret Woycheshin

“The Mooney’s service is great!  I’ve been a customer for over 15 years!  Give Lucky Star Cleaners a try, you’ll be glad you did.”
-Renee’ Starns

“I am a new customer and very pleased with Lucky Star Cleaners.  I have referred two of my closest friends and they love the service also!”
-Era Barrier

“I am new to working in the Huntsville area and was very reluctant having to change dry cleaners. I was pleasantly surprised at the service at Lucky Star Cleaners! And you will be too! Give them a try! Multiple convenient locations!  Thank you”

“Thank you Lucky Star Cleaners!  My swimsuit was perfectly altered and fits the way it should.  Very appreciative.”

“I love your cleaners!!!!!  You have done a great service to our community.  Keep up the good work.”
-Linda Farmer

“What a nice gesture . . . what a surprise . . .  I’m a 63 year old grandmother on a fixed income.  The $10 coupon is so very much needed and appreciated!  Lucky Star Cleaners has impressed me already and I haven’t even picked up my clothes yet!  Sincere thanks and God bless you.”
-Carol Drake

“Please enjoy these homemade oatmeal cookies as our way of saying Thank You for a job well done! 

The wedding we were attending on June 23 was so very important to us and we had everything together and ready to go except picking up the cleaning.  Linda has never had such a sparkling dress and we were looking forward to being the bells of the ball, so to speak.  Richard was ready with his new suit and Linda with her new dress, with shoes, and accessories to match.

After receiving Shannon’s call that Linda’s dress did not hold up to the cleaning process, Shannon and your staff certainly brightened our day when they jumped into gear and started the process of finding another dress.  Your great management and the dedication of your staff, certainly knew what to do and how to do it, and found another dress.  Having it shipped to your store, at your expense, certainly saved time and allowed for the dress to be altered and pressed and ready for our nephew’s wedding.  Well we were the bells of the ball and we both looked great and had lots of compliments of our formal attire!

You bet we will brag about Lucky Star Cleaners being #1 in Huntsville, Texas and you will continue to be our cleaners.  Have a great day and keep up the great work!
-Linda & Richard