Wash & Fold Plan

“Lucky Star Cleaners Now Offers
FREE Laundry Pick-Up &
Delivery For Wash, Dry, Fold Customers!”

1st Month FREE . . . Only $55 Per Month . . .  No Commitments, Cancel Anytime!


Hello Neighbor,

I’m Josh Mooney from Lucky Star Cleaners.  I’ve been in and around the laundry business since I was six years old and in all that time I haven’t found a person yet that loves to do laundry.

It’s a never ending job, sorting, pre-spotting, washing, drying, folding, and then putting it away. . . Most grab a heap of clothes, throw it in the washer, hope there’s enough detergent, and (maybe) get it in the dryer where it will sit until someone else needs to use it.  Or, worse yet, they’ll forget to put it in the dryer and then have to REWASH because it sat too long in the washer.

I know how busy you are. . . studying, work, socializing. . . don’t waste what little free time you have doing laundry!  My Wash N Fold Plan is EASY! I’ll provide you with a personalized 35-lb laundry bag that you can fill up and cram as much stuff into as possible every single week!

Leave it outside your front door every Thursday morning, and I’ll deliver everything clean AND folded, on Monday morning!  This way your weekend is free to do whatever you want!

Best of all, my Wash N Fold plan is affordable and priced at only $55 a month. . . enter coupon codeTODAYand get your 1st month FREE!

Try it and see if you like it.  If not, you can cancel at any time.

Here’s How To Get Started!
STEP #1 – Call me at 661-7147 if you have any questions.
STEP #2 – Fill out the form below
STEP #3 – Put your bag of laundry by your front door before THURSDAY @ 8am. (Once you sign up I’ll drop your bag by your front door.) Your cleaning will return MONDAY.

Josh Mooney
Lucky Star Cleaners Wash & Fold Manager

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